The Test Rig

This is the blog for the Test Rig The Test Rig is a aluminium barge that will be used to test the components that will be utilised in the final boat.  The Test Rig will float in my pool, tethered to the side and fed power from the shore The intention is to run all systems for at least two months, 24*7 to ensure all components can last the trip to New Zealand 8th November 2019 Ten months of a fair amount of work, with not a lot to show for it.

The hull has been bent to shape and the front seams have been welded (not very professionally)
I have been waiting for a TIG welder to arrive to weld the rear panel of the hub and to start constructing the various pieces for the steering, motor mount etc.
The welder should arrive next week, and I can then restart the construction phase

The power for the boat will come from shore. Here is the completed and tested 12V power supply unit. This will feed power via a cable that will be inside the connecting tube from the poolside to the boat
The 12V t…
Solar Venturer Prototype
This blog is to try to document the progress, decisions, photos, ideas, musings, tasks and associated files in the endeavor to build, test and launch a craft that can motor, unaided, from Sydney to New Zealand

The blog entries are organised from the latest at the top to earliest at the bottom
20th January 2019 I took the boat to Narrabeen Lagoon to test out all components and functions. The radio network that worked fine the day before refused to work on the day.
The first test was aborted due to seaweed fouling both propellers. Once this was cleared, the boat was started and sent off. It reached the first waypoint and turned for the second. It then developed a problem, possibly with one of the motors, that prevented it from turning left.
this caused it to run in circles, attempting to reach the waypoint. A chase boat on standby in case of problems turned off the motors and returned the boat to shore

This completes the prototype blog. Since I have already suc…