Solar Venturer Prototype This blog is to try to document the progress, decisions, photos, ideas, musings, tasks and associated files in the endeavor to build, test and launch a craft that can motor, unaided, from Sydney to New Zealand Day 1  26th, November, 2017 The  design document is a work in progress, and will not be complete until the boat is on its way
Current Status
1. The Boat -
    I am building a prototype before attempting the real thing. This will hopefully allow me to make all the initial mistakes and learnings. I have constructed the form that I will coat in fiberglass to create the fiberglass hulls

2. The Controls
   I have set up a page on that will allow me to see the metrics for the solar panel, batteries and Electronic Speed Control (ESC) for the motors.
Along with GPS coordinates, heading and speed, this will allow me to monitor the health of the boat and by using the included motor sliders, I can control boat speed and if necessary, stop the b…